The JBAK boys (James Bullough & Karl Addison) have swapped the streets of Berlin for the deserts of Arizona, and have just completed their first collaborative mural with Julia Benz.

Great to see their work going up in a different setting, and very much looking forward to seeing what else the Arizona trip yields over the next week or so. Final images and video documentation in the pipeline, keep your eyes and ears open…

Check out previous work by the duo on on UKB or by going to the JBAK website, James’ blog/website, Karl’s website/gallery Idrawalot and Julia’s website for more information and imagery.  UKB

JBAK Street Art Mural 7 JBAK Street Art Mural 6

JBAK Street Art Mural 8JBAK Street Art Mural 5 JBAK Street Art Mural 4 JBAK Street Art Mural 3 JBAK Street Art Mural 2 JBAK Street Art Mural 1

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