Urban Kultur Blog Guest Mix #11 – Oakin [UKB011]

Next up is Oakin, here’s the lowdown on this, UKB’s 11th guest mix of the series.

It’s a special feeling: your eyes are shut, suddenly the bassline kicks in and you feel goosebumps all over your body…

Oakin hijacks you into a sound universe full of atmospheric sounds, dubby echoes, deep basslines, and percussion. Somewhere between dub, dubstep, future bass and 2step.

With his love for details he give his sets a special sound, combining depth of track choice and danceabillity to give the audience a special feeling.

Follow Oakin: www.facebook.com/OakinBass

1. Author – Innovate
2. Dj Madd – Moving On
3. DJ Madd – Follow Dub
4. Ill K – Lighter
5. Rhythm Riders – Come with the Love feat. Aswad Renegade Soundwave Solomon (DJ Madd Remix)
6. Biome – The Raven
7. LAS – Preaching
8. De Niro – Ancestral Feat. Kwality Mc
9. Mishva & Olie Bassweight – Golem
10. Author – Chant feat. June Miller and Rider Shafique
11. Killeralien, Snep – Atlas
12. Goth-Trad – Cosmos
13. Goth-Trad – Born To Know
14. Mala – Cuba Electronic
15. Actraiser – It’s A Trap
16. Geode – Dassenach
17. Biome – Redux
18. Boot – Colder Now
19. Subreachers – Foundation


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