LeithLate’s public art program continues with the Mural Project – a new venture, scaling up the hugely successful Shutter Project.

Following the collaborative group mural painted in Leith a month or two back, Australian street artist Guido van Helten has painted two recent pieces in Edinburgh. My favourite of which is definitely his latest, larger scale, piece.

guido van helten 1

While the Shutter Project helped Edinburgh dip it’s toe into the world of street art, a lot of the great artwork suffered from invisibility during working hours. So, I’m really happy to see some more permanent (well, as permanent as work on the street can be) cropping up.

guidovhelten2 guidovhelten1

Guido’s painted his large scale portrait style across the world, from his native Australia, to Iceland and Ireland, and now Scotland. Check out more of his work at his website, or follow him on Facebook for all the latest work.

Looking forward to catching more from the Mural Project. You can definitely feel it gathering a bit of pace in the city now. I wonder how long it will be before artists make their way to Edinburgh to paint spaces like this without the helpful hand of LeithLate…


Images from Leithlate & Edinburgh Reporter


    1. That’s a shame, it was a really great bit of work. I’ve seen a few newer bits from him recently from around the world, good to have had him involved in Edinburgh!

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