Berlin-based duo JBAK returned to the states over the past few weeks to paint two massive murals, one in Washington DC and the other in Sarasota, Florida.

The first in DC was organised by a local organisation, Words, Beats & Life whose aim is to transform local communities by teaching the 4 elements of hip-hop (rhyming, DJing, break dancing & graffiti).

Fittingly it was the images of the local youngsters helped by Words, Beats & life that JBAK transformed in their own unique way, with some help from the subjects themselves.

jbak dc 1

jbak dc 2

jbak dc 3

jbak dc 4

Following the completion of this mural the pair traveled to Sarasota to paint an even bigger piece on a part of local history.

JBAK’s work always incorporates an aspect of the local culture, people or history, and this was no different. The building, dubbed the ‘Ice House’ due to it’s pivotal role in storing and supplying the city with beer and ice in the past, influenced the painting – with ice melting in the balmy Florida temperatures. Check it out below!

Jbak sara 1

jbak sara 5

jbak sara 4

jbak sara 3

jbak sara 2

Images from JBAK

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