Next up on the guest mix series is Ingen – a live DJ and producer based in Edinburgh, UK.

His styles and sounds range from complex poly-rhythms, experimental, technoid soundscapes following an obvious techno backbone.

Ingen releases can be found on labels such as, Fixate, Noodles, Nerve recordings, Digital Distortions, Wired Room and Tribal Waves including remixes for Si Begg, and Temper D.

Recently released Snap the Tilt EP is available now for free here:

Including remixes from Patscan, Blackmass Plastics, Tyler Smith (Black Smith Crafts) and Gella.

Future vinyl and digital releases are sceduled soon with labels, “Darkfloor Sound” and “Them” London, including collaborations with Savier as SAVAGEN and Boris Noiz.

More from Ingen:


1. ADJ – Way of the Crane
2. ADJ – New Toys
3. Lag – Sama Doma
4. Reeko – Emissions of Electrons of a Surface
5. Eomac – Spoock
6. Ingen – Subway
7. Trade – Half Nelson
8. Delta Fucktionen – Onkalo (Karenn Remix)
9. Ingen & Boris Noiz – Spikes 2
10. Ingen – Snap the Tilt VIP
11. Deam – Quantic Bells (Voidloss Remix)
12. Space Race
13. Ontal – Output
14. Makaton – Endless Revolt
15. Ingen & Boris Noiz – Spikes 1
16. Clouds – Complete Control
17. Amit – Acid Trip
18. Tessela – Nancys Pantry

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