As a child of the 80s living in Edinburgh, Leith Waterworld was once a staple activity for every 8 year old’s birthday party. However, in Januray 2012, the doors were shut and the pool drained for the last time (though this time not because of a suspicious object floating on the surface…) and not without some anger in the local community.

Harvest Skate Team

Photo: Albie Clark

There may be less swimming going on in that part of Leith, but for local skate team Harvest, the abandoned pool serves as one of the most exciting and diverse skating locations in the city.

Harvest Leith Water 2

Photo: Jamie Johnson

Harvest Leith Water 3

Photo: Jamie Johnson

Harvest Leith Water

Photo: Jamie Johnson

Having first visited the pool in September 2013 to skate, after sweet talking the local councillor, they recently returned with local arts and culture magazine ‘The Skinny’ to document their afternoon in the complex.

Check out their videos below – the first of which is their own, with a focus on skating, the second belonging to the Skinny. It’s great watch particularly if you can remember the pool from back in the day, nice track from Paws too. Harvest also have a really nice selection of tees and artwork over on their site – go and check them out. UKB

[vimeo 73096649 w=560&h=315]

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