Friday the 10th of January saw some of Dundee’s finest DJ talent assemble at the Reading Rooms for the second part of DJ’s for the Philippines. The monies will be sent on to Keb Darge, a Northern Soul legend and Scottish DJ currently residing in the area. For more info about Keb and what he has seen and experienced in the area since the typhoon read follow the links here and here.

The crowd had braced a cold, bitter January night to be warmed up with some crisp techno in the main room and a housier vibe in the bar area. The main room was under the control of local selectors Slice (Contour), Teddy Hannan (BLEEP!), Ado (CTRL Alt Defeat/Blood Music) and Jono Fyda (Cookin’ Sessions). The bar area was bumping to Is_Kill and Diabeatic (Book Club) and Reading Rooms Resident Ken Swift going back to back throughout the night.

A great night for great cause.


The following night at the Rooms saw Crayon team up with UKB friend Bad Blood Clothing Berlin for a night to take the sting out of January with various discounts and special offers for Bad Blood gear and some electronic beats for discerning feet. Bad Blood have also just rebooted their website and launched their new collection, check them out here.


Vinyl Matt, Typewriter and Dunc4n provided an eclectic selection to keep vibe just right whilst Dunc4n’s visuals were made up of Bad Blood head honcho Nick’s illustrations (Nick was one of the original founding members of Crayon) turning the whole party into an experience for the eyes and the ears.


Bad Blood and Nick had a great year last year and this was a great way to kick off 2014, for both Nick and Crayon.



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