During winter it sometimes feels like in northern European countries the flow of larger scale street art pieces so constant during the summer dry up to an extent. Only the bravest of souls unable to contain the urge to paint in sub zero temperatures. I feel an admiration for those guys who get out and paint all year round, having spent time capturing images in similar conditions, it can be tough to keep going!

seikon 1

So I was both surprised and delighted and to see this latest piece by Polish artist Seikon crop up in Gdynia, one third of the Polish Tri-City completed by neighbours Gdansk & Sopot.

Seikon 2

Seikon is a freelance artist based in his native Poland, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Having been involved in art publically from the dying embers of the late 90s until the present day, his style has progressed and for the time being is heavily focussed on the abstract.

With his paintings using vibrant high contrast colours, the surfaces he chooses as his canvas are transformed, never more distinctively than when played out in front of a bleak winter landscape.

Check out more from the artist below…

Seikon 3

Seikon 4

Seikon 5

Seikon 6

Images – streetartnews.net & Seikon


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