Dresden born Christian Schiemann [Circus Night Records / Kanja Records] steps up for UKB022, with something a little different to his signature tech house / deep tech sound.

Now living in Zürich, the DJ/producer first caught our ears over of the Friede Freude Freitag podcast, and having checked out his first EP ‘Somewhere Else’ on Circus Night Records, I set about securing a mix from him as soon as I could.

Christian describes this as “really trippy and definitely an after hours mix” – it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Well-known on the Swiss circuit as one half of Hug & Schiemann, he is also part of a group of DJs and producer known as called Les Enfants Terribles Zürich or L.E.T. Zürich who also host their own parties, highly anticipated among Zürich’s in-the-know crowd.

Having collaborated with good friend Phil Cole to record ‘Sometimes’ on Kanja Records to widespread acclaim, the pair have started a new project called Novotek, and released ‘Drunk and Smoke’ on Raw Level Records.

schiemann 2

So what’s coming from Christian?

“At the moment I am working on a lot of things, a remix for Moon Records, a remix for Kathi Busch together with Nicole Hug and my new EP ‘Lora’ is coming very soon on Forward Education, which includes remixes from Kitzt, Rob Pearson and more.”

If you like what you hear, be sure to keep track of his upcoming releases via Facebook and his Soundcloud channel.


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