Relatively new on the Edinburgh circuit, Lezure aren’t mucking about when it comes to booking guests.

Starting strong with Marquis Hawkes [Houndstooth] and following with Jeremy Underground [My Love is Underground] these guys know what they’re doing, and where they’re going with their night.

And while you’re going for a hat-trick in this manner, there’s no point going for the simple tap in. Sticking anonymous trio ItaloJohnson behind the decks for 4 hours was a screaming volley into the top corner from 30 yards out…to utilise over-enthusiastic footballing parlance.

image1 (1)

Dubbed as ‘one for the heads’ and with a high quality RA mix from 2014 and Boiler Room appearance (below) to get in the mood, this was definitely one that needed checking out. The trio have a reputation for letting the music talk, no fuss, no egos in the way, as evidenced by their ‘anonymous’ public image and no frills vinyl series.

Behind the decks the b2b2b set up was seemless, while one mixed, the other two nodded and danced, knocking back beers like those down the front.

And while many of the night’s memories for me are stuck somewhere at the bottom of a number of beer bottles, a couple were made of stronger stuff, staying with me well through the inevitable lifeless lull of Saturday.

Firstly, the place was firmly on the upswing by about midnight, the Mash House’s bar area was unusually quiet, the selections from the main room too much to resist. Among a number of harder house and softer techno tracks, ItaloJohnson weaved their way through a pretty epic set that it seemed no-one was in the mood to miss.

image2 (1)

Secondly, the crowd reacted positively to pretty much every track change, but especially well to a couple of standouts.

Dusky’s 17 Steps material went down a storm. Inta was blowing minds and, probably, the doors off the place at one point with a soundsystem that, to my ears, is one of the best going in Edinburgh. A common occurrence throughout the evening though. Incredible stuff from start to finish.

I honestly can’t remember enjoying a set that much for some time. Having been behind the decks of Trouw, Fabric and Panorama Bar it shouldn’t really have been unexpected.

Excited to see what Lezure come up with next. Keep it going lads.


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