Detroit business. Unlock the sounds of the Motor City with Mad Alba [Detroit Techno Militia].

With musical inspirations drawn through various genres of dance, rock and punk (among others) Mad Alba found her home when surrounded by the four to the floor beat of techno, fully immersed in club-culture.

Born and raised in Bari and honing her DJ skills through the local scene, Mad Alba made the move to the other home of techno, Berlin, with a conscious decision to only spin vinyl.

This purist approach solidified her status as a truly underground DJ and led to the hot seat of ://about blank and Tresor, a club whose history ties in well to her approach to techno. Much more than just a musical genre.

A social phenomenon and lifestyle.

Crucial in developing this personal mantra was her time in Detroit where she could be found behind the decks at The Works and Exodus in collaboration with DJ Seoul and Tom Linder of Detroit Techno Militia. Holding fort at Homopatik in her adopted home, she’s also on the roster of Bang Tech 12 as well as the highly respected Detroit Techno Militia as of April 2014.

Her first foray into production is available on vinyl, Arkita001, on Arkita Rec (Berlin), the label that she co-owns with Synkopheit. Enjoy this high-energy hour of top drawer techno selections from one of the respected DTM crew.

This one goes gets straight to work, strap in.

Like what you hear? Check out more at the following places……d-alba-bio ww


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