“A journey from South America to sun-soaked Europe” from a loud and Latin-inspired Aberdonian.

Simon Smith aka SiFi, Scottish producer and DJ, sets his stall out early for the latest Urban Kultur mix. Get locked for an hour’s worth of UKB exclusive edits and unreleased tech house.

On the mix, Simon explains some of the selections for this podcast. “It contains a lot of artists and labels that have inspired me over the past 20 years such as Luciano’s Cadenza and Loco Dice’s Desolat”.

“I really wanted to make this mix as personal as possible”.

Having held down residencies on both sides of the Atlantic, Pawn Shop Lounge and B.E.D. in Miami, and Snafu in his hometown, I was thrilled to get him down for a mix.

As a DJ whose podcasts have been on rotation here for a while, especially his Hypnotic Groove appearance, I knew this would be something to look forward to.

Having ventured into production in the last 3 years he’s sprinkled this mix with unique edits and unreleased tracks which offer a tantalising taste of what’s to come in 2015. Simon’s debut EP The Vibe [Halfmoon] has had some impressive support from Dirtybird’s Claude von Stroke, James Zabiela [Renaissance] and Yaya [Desolat] and broke the Beatport top 100.

Follow up EPs including the 2 part Lost & Found and What Happened further cemented his talent. Keep up to speed with his soon to be released material on his Soundcloud.

As always, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Thanks once again to SiFi for setting time aside to record this podcast.



1. Timeline – Mirko Loko (Album Version)(SiFi Edit)
2. Unattainable – SiFi (Original) (SiFi Vox Edit)
3. Cartas Para Geisha (Falto Pepi Remix) – Danny Fiddo and Affkt (SiFi Edit)
4. Summer Love – Nima Gorji (Original)(SiFi Edit)
5. Sunseeker – Martin Buttrich(Original)
6. I Love Prince – Mirko Loko Tool
7. Spread Your Legs on a Rhodes – Christian Burkhardt (Original)
8. Darjeeling Sun (Gary Martin 12 Inch Extended Mix) – DJ 3000 (SiFi Edit)
9. What is House Musik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Remix) – DJ Pierre (SiFi Edit) 10. Cubism – Davide Squillace (Original)
11. Duande – SiFi (Original)
12. Chupa Chups – Butch (Original) (SiFi Edit)
13. Macuto (Franco Cinelli Remix) – Aerea Negrot (Original)
14. Good Morning – Insinio (Original) (SiFi Edit)
15. Words Gone (Luciano Remix) – Popof
16. Jungle Boogie – Nima Gorji (Original)
17. Remember – D’Julz (Original) (SiFi Edit)
18. What About the Vice – Davide Squillace (Original) (SiFi Edit)
19. Cafe Del Mar (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) – Energy 52 (SiFi Edit)
20. Heat – Merimell (Original)
21. Daktari (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) – Alter Ego (Original)
22. Delusion – Butch (Original)
23. Don’t You Worry – Carlo Lio (Original) (SiFi Bass & Vox Edit)


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