A week or two ago, I was contacted by Kai Imhof at Motion of Styles, about a new 15 minute documentary, Berlinstyle, he’d been producing. Back on the Sunday night doc-trail, I fired it up to see what it had to offer.

Berlinstyle documents the passion to create and the current developments within the legal graffiti scene in Berlin.

The short film follows 4 artists living and working in the German capital at the moment, and delves into their different styles and approaches, all effectively spawned from one place, traditional graffiti roots.





Following the “old schooler”, Dejoe (who started his journey into the world of graffiti in the ’80s), the “new schooler”, Raws (representing the newest generation of writers), illustrator Stereoheat (well known for his detailed female characters), and painter Base23 (whose work adapts classic graffiti styles into abstract robot animals), we are treated to a wide range of views and thoughts on graffiti, demonstrating how diverse the scene can be, and how the term ‘graffiti’ can be used interchangeably but refer to a ever widening spectrum of artistic styles.

As you’d expect, some really nice examples on display, great visuals and a cool soundtrack make this a really enjoyable 15 minute watch. Check it out and connect with Motion of Styles on Facebook or watch more productions of theirs on Youtube.


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