This week I invited Merouac (of South London’s District Sound label), a very talented producer from Leeds, to record the next UKB podcast and stray into grime territory, relatively unexplored from the podcast perspective.

With a tracklist stuffed full of his own unreleased and forthcoming tracks I was excited to take a listen having been really impressed by his productions and recently recorded mixes.

Speaking with Merouac about the mix, he explained: “the tracklist is mainly mine and my friends and label fam stuff (District Sound)- Tony Phorse, LTHL, Smodi and a couple I reached out to people for.”

“There are also a couple from a compilation Tony Phorse and I are putting together called AFKA vol.1, but more on that another time…”

Counting myself as a pretty big fan of his work now, I was eager to find out what else was coming production wise.

“I’m involved in a few compilations via, Classical Trax and Moas collective. Also “Frost” is out now via Distrct Sound on their Artist Sampler vol. 3.”

“As for my own releases I have Maneki Neko E.P. via District Sound coming out early next year and I’ll be putting out the ‘Solo’ E.P./L.P. under my own AFKA imprint around the same time. A couple more things TBC too!”

Exciting stuff, I’d urge you to check out his work. Having been unaware of the tracklist when I first sat down to listen to this podcast, I was really impressed by his stuff, especially when I saw that the majority of the tracks are his own, or remixes. The first few tracks are bang on.

More from Merouac and District Sound at the usual places:





1. Merouac – Clairvoyant
2. Merouac – Time Will Tell
3. Merouac – Wings
4. Tsundr – Archers of Gwent
5. Tony Phorse – 1894 (Strict Face’s ‘VectorChase II’ Remix)
7. LTHL – Untitled
8. Smodi – Shuttlez
9. Merouac – Get a Grip
10. RossiB & Luca x Lenkemz – TakeU
11. Merouac – Solo
12. Merouac – Maneki Neko
13. Callosum – JRN
14. Merouac – Island
15. Merouac – Raw
16. Jeb1 – Council Flat
17. John halifax = Shouty Shouty (Merouac Edit)
18. Fetty Wap – Mine again (Merouac Slopfest Edit)
19. Merouac – Clash
20. Merouac – Send for Sheik
21. Merouac – Smeg Out
22. Merouac – Cryo Sleep
23. Timbah – Pik-Axe
24. Dvsty & Fresh Paul – Zelda
25. Tony Phorse – Romantic
26. TSVI – Headshot (luru Edit)
27. Vern & Milla – Let’s Go
28. Sarantis – Ill Take It All
29. Lars Warn – Panoptes
30. Tsundr – Woad (Merouac Remix)

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