It was back in September that the WIPE (Work in Progress Edinburgh) group set about giving the tired looking wooden Meadowbank Velodrome in Edinburgh a graffiti-style facelift.

The group of independent artists, creative practitioners, urbanists and activists work collaboratively to improve urban environments, support communities, and make better use of public and vacant spaces through creative and temporary projects – and this was one of their biggest collaborations to date and certainly the most unusual.

So, I hear you ask, why did it take until September to cover one of the more unusual street art projects in my own town. My answer? I was…ummm…letting the paint dry? No, wait…

Nah, I’ve got nothing.


Anyway, I did finally make it along to check out the work that was on offer from the jam, and shot a short film as opposed to a gallery of photos. Particularly epic was Chris Rutterford’s cycling octopus. Cycling, for obvious reasons, was one of the recurring themes, so it was cool to see a common thread in some of the pieces.



Largely letter work, the whole site is pretty much covered now, and it really gives the creaking wooden velodrome a more contemporary feel. It’s a real gem of a spot, and it would be a tragedy for this to be lost completely.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and get to see one of Edinburgh’s more unusual locations in a whole new light. Nice work, WIPE! Looking forward to the next big project.


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