Choose blogging (and also UKB, please!)

Well, it’s hardly believable, but it’s been a full 12 months since the last UK Blog Awards public vote.

And, to coincide, it’s my annual plead for voting favours! As with each UK Blog Awards so far, the public vote determines the top 10 blogs to make it to the final, so every vote really does count. This is where you have all so generously lent a hand in the past!

You can cast your vote below, or by clicking on Edinburgh’s famous miscreant, Mark ‘Rentboy’ Renton, here outlining some of the good bad and ugly of blogging…


renton ukb

UKB again is entered into the Arts & Culture category and has some great competition, including one of my favourite blogs, and last year’s runner up, Hookedblog. So if you are willing to spare your votes (more on that in a bit) for UKB, it would be HUGELY appreciated.

This year, there’s an additional twist. Every day until the deadline on the 25th of January you can cast a vote, so if you really want to give your backing to the blog you can vote every day, if you were so inclined! No pressure mind you, just if you’d like to.

Just one of your votes would be a massive boost, so if you’ve ever liked a blog, or a post on Facebook, or retweeted on Twitter, or double tapped on Instagram, it would be amazing if you could cast your vote for the blog.

That’s enough for now, in the meantime, thanks for reading the blog and supporting it throughout the year, it really means a lot!


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