Phil Cole [Konzentrisch/Prisma Music/Kanja Records] steps up for the latest UKB Guest Mix with one hour’s worth of great minimal selections for your ears. This one got me through the darkest of times. Early January!

Phil’s music was introduced to me by previous guest Christian Schiemann, who collaborated with Phil on the Sometimes EP on Kanja Records in 2014.

The Hamburg-born DJ cut his teeth in his hometown, spinning his first records in the city’s Pacha and Halo with the HouseSympartysanten label. But it was the vibrant scene in his hometown of Zurich from 2008, that has impressed him so much to keep him there.

Cole’s tracks are among my favourite in the ‘minimal’ genre, having added more than a few to my own collection. If you like what you hear, make the most of the latest free download from Phil, 25hours, below.

But before you go grab that, be sure to stick this one on and turn it up.


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