Fanboy, the evolution of the Edinburgh streetwear brand Pieute, has established itself as a bit of a creative hub in the capital.

Taking influences from graffiti, street art, skating and all things local, as well as a good deal of tongue-in-cheek patter (see the take on the controversial Creative Scotland funded arts project the Glasgow Effect) it’s a perfect example of how things could and really should be in the capital. I’m thinking specifically in terms of clothing, art and events.

Fanboy effect.png

Fanboy Effect by Mr Penfold

Having struck up a strong partnership with Cambridge based artist Mr Penfold, their signature tees emblazoned with “Pieute” and Penfold’s characters, brought a piece of the London pie and made it Edinburgh’s.

My tees were promptly worn until threadbare, proud to be able to say that they were born here. I’m a bit like that though.

Last year with the evolution of the brand into Fanboy, and thankfully the new premises on Candlemaker Row, they have really been working hard to step things up.

A renewed partnership with Mr Penfold saw the guys kick off their ambitious “52 weeks of Fanboy” project, where he has been invited to create a new logo every week of the year for the brand.

On the back of Penfold’s predictably impeccable stint during January, Casey Peckio took the reins for “FanboyFebruary” – his challenge to create a new logo each day of the month. His minimal, clean and colourful designs are an absolute delight, even more spectacular given the tight working deadlines.

These are two of the best continued projects going on over on Instagram right now – follow them at to keep on top of them both.

If I needed to define the sort of stuff I’m into, I’d probably be just as well showing his work. So clean! Too good. An absolute find for Fanboy as well, some of these logos need printing up straight away.

All images courtesy of Fanboy / Casey Peckio

Fanboy logo 5

Fanboy logo 8

Fanboy logo 9

Fanboy logo 3

Fanboy logo 6

Fanboy logo 4

Fanboy logo 7

Fanboy logo 11

Fanboy logo 10

Fanboy logo 1

Fanboy logo 2

And if all this wasn’t enough to keep your mind and wallet occupied, join the boys at their Shop in March for the Mr Penfold and Aero exhibition opening. I can’t wait or this one.

Penfold Aero.jpg


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