Good news on the clubbing front in Edinburgh this month.

Edinburgh based club night Lezure has been on my radar since first experiencing their parties in May 2015. The trio of Berliners, ItaloJohnson, were invited to play some records at the Mash House, and it’s a night that still sticks in my mind as one of the best sets I’ve heard in person in an Edinburgh club.

Pearson Sound

Anyway, I was hooked, so their latest event had me scrambling for my debit card quicker than usual.

Co-owner of the formidable Hessle Audio (alongside Ben UFO and Pangaea), Pearson Sound aka David Kennedy will be giving the impressive soundsystem a workout on Friday 26 February.

If you’re already sold like I was, there are some £7 early birds floating around via Party for the people. Profits go to charity – clubbing for a good cause, everyone wins!


However, at the time of writing, there were still 14 full days of anticipation lying in wait. So I’ve pulled together 5 tracks to help ease those restless feet.

I’ve also tried to put into words why I’ve picked them. However, as with much of his music, I’ve found it really quite hard to put this down in words, so maybe it’s best to let the music do most of the talking…

1. Pearson Sound – Untitled

First Pearson Sound track I bought, and it’s still one of my favourites. Fairly minimal with thudding sub-bass punctuating the track.

I really love the moment early on when the organ and clapping snare combine, as well as the drop with the lurching bass about a minute later. It’s a funny track as there isn’t much to it really, but it also doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything in particular either.

2. Ramandanman – Work Them

Okay, so not strictly a Pearson Sound track. But David Kennedy’s other project, Ramadanman, has more than it’s fair share of highlights so hopefully you’ll let its inclusion slide.

This track starts off fairly quietly with snapping 808 sounds that make way for the “work them” vocal sample and bouncing bass when the track really lifts off. Layered bells, rasps, cracks and chopped vocals give this one it’s dancefloor edge.

3. Pearson Sound – Blanked

Blue eyes has it’s feet firmly in the old dubstep camp of the mid to late 2000s, made clear with the heavy, squelching bass, strings, vocal sample and bleak atmosphere. It sort of reminds me of some of Burial’s work on ‘Untrue’, this one also has a dark urban vibe to it.

4. Pearson Sound – Glass Eye

From the debut L, I first heard this one on Rinse I think and again it’s a masterclass in minimal electronic music. With a stripped back bass line, whipping, wet sounds, this one never really gets into top gear, but there’s something I really like about that.

5. Pearson Sound – Ex

This one’s pumped up, with a biting tempo, gibberish vocal samples laced throughout and a banging bassline. A fine way to leave us hanging on for more until the 26th.

See you down the front!


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