Nothing makes me happier than good local music. So when the first EP from Glasgow’s (aye, I’m counting this as local) bmfbmf dropped into my inbox along with a short bio a week or two ago, I was keen to get a listen as soon as I could.

Bmfbmf aka Bryan McFarland, has a production background that goes far beyond his latest moniker of bmfbmf.

Hip hop inspired electronic stuff has been his bread and butter for a number of years, and slight traces of that hip hop beat can be found within the beats of this strong debut EP, but this release has a much tighter relationship with electronic music than hip hop.

The 4 track EP is a nicely balanced selection of tracks, each built upon strong vocals, sampling that can’t help but get your head bobbing.

Immediate comparisons with the likes of Caribou are clear – no doubt music to the ears of Bryan’s first foray into full-blown electronic music.

Standout tracks for are ‘NewLuv’ with it’s warbling and trippy intro giving a feeling of pleasurable disorientation before the beat, percussion and soulful vocals skip in and push you into the meat of the track.

More than an honourable mention to ‘Mould Me’ too, with its gloomy and urban outlook not a million miles from the sort of work you’d find on the likes of Hyperdub.

Plenty more, I hope, to come from bmfbmf…



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