I’ve spoken before about how I really enjoy what Fanboy brings to Edinburgh – and last month’s show at their store, the first in the new location, did no harm to their reputation in town.


DSC_0321 (2)

Initially starting as a clothing brand (Pieute) but now with fingers in other “pies”, they are admirably determined to avoid the tired ideas that other brands are intent on trotting out.

Instead there’s a heavy focus on setting a direction that’s uniquely theirs, and Edinburgh’s. It really is refreshing to have a successful Edinburgh based brand making a valuable contribution to the local scene, and making a name for themselves elsewhere.

DSC_0302 (2)

I am delighted to see them get deeper into organising events, most recently hosting this collaborative affair between Mr Penfold and Aero at their store in the heart of Auld Reekie’s Old Town.

The only slight tinge of regret was the epic hangover that meant I was bed bound for the opening night, which I’m certain was an occasion not to be missed…


DSC_0303 (2)

Penfold’s work was among some of the first that grabbed me and brought “street art” to my attention a number of years ago.

His evolution as an artist keeps me interested, particularly with these more abstract compositions, a continuation of that trajectory from “Tabs, Butts and Dog Ends“, the last of his shows I caught in person. The clean bold lines with vibrant colour choices hit the right spots.

DSC_0298 (2)

DSC_0312 (2)


Teaming up with Aero for the show added an extra twist with her Simpson inspired creations among some of my favourite pieces from the show.

Her monochrome t-shirt design (one of a limited run) is worth your well earned cash if you fancy some merch. Her thick lines and bold colour choices play well alongside Penfold’s work.

DSC_0317 (2)

DSC_0316 (2)  DSC_0334 (2)

DSC_0324 (2)

DSC_0325 (2)

The standout pieces from Aero and Penfold, in my opinion, are these two epic larger scale works to the rear of the shop, make sure you get a decent look at them. Wouldn’t mind having these hanging in my flat…

DSC_0326  DSC_0329


If you like what you see, make your way to the store on Candlemaker Row sooner rather than later. Once these originals and prints sell out, it’s likely the exhibition will come down. Don’t sleep on it!

Some of the prints are still available, offering the chance to own your own art at decent prices. Likewise there’s a few of the limited run shirts by Penfold and Aero up for grabs.

And, of course, there’s the Fanboy originals to have a look at too. Of the more recent memorable shirt designs, these belters (Heroin & Haggis and Tesco Value Techno) give a taste of what to expect…

DSC_0300 (2)


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