Well, as far as weekends go, they don’t get too much better than that.

Urban Kultur was back in London representing Edinburgh’s street art, music and alternative culture scene for the third time in the UK Blog Awards.

Each year the event is a great meeting of creative minds, bloggers and brands. This year was no different, set in the extra special surroundings of the Park Plaza Hotel. A mere stone’s throw from Westminster and Big Ben, and easily the best venue yet.

Was it to be a case of “always the bridesmaid” again in 2016?


The stage is set…

With a category stuffed full of great blogs, including Hookedblog, Shelley Makes, and SLM Pickings, I wasn’t holding out much hope.

In fact, my benchmark for a successful evening was being able to nip out relatively unimpeded at the end of the ceremony for a complimentary glass of champagne.

You can take the boy out of Scotland, but you can’t take Scotland out the boy…

UKB win 2

However, to my absolute delight I was picked as this year’s top Arts & Culture blogger. I still can’t really believe it. I’ve pinched myself so many times I’m beginning to look like peach that’s been battered in a lunch box full of sharp edged snacks.

Did they make a mistake? The trophy has “Urban Kultur” on it but maybe it’ll change to another blog’s name soon. I should maybe give it back, you know, just in case.


Still in shock, this isn’t really mine is it? 

But no, it’s actually mine…

It’s been an award I’ve been chasing for the past three years since the inaugural awards in 2014. To be recognised for the blog I started in 2011 as an evening hobby to channel my passion for street art, and frustrations at working in a disappointing day job, feels brilliant.

All those countless hours lost, tinkering, writing, editing and photographing seem like they were really worthwhile now.


Celebrating on stage with fellow winners.

I have many people to thank, so forgive me for this inevitably over the top Oscars style acceptance speech end to the blog post.

To all the DJs and artists who have given me photos, recorded mixes or been kind enough to spend their time answering my endless questions – I thank and salute you. You’re all brilliant.

Thanks also to you, my readers. Thanks for reading my blogs, looking at my photos, listening to mixes, getting in touch via social media and email, passing links to friends and importantly, for voting for me once again.

Without those votes I wouldn’t have made it to the final of the UK Blog Awards for the past three years. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive and kind and I can’t say thank you enough.

But before there’s any Gwyneth Paltrow Hollywood tears, here’s a photo of my award.


PS – I’m not crying, it’s just been raining on my face…




    1. Well, thank you very much inspiringcity! 🙂 Still can’t quite believe it. Thanks for continuing to read!

      Enjoyed reading your piece on Femme Fierce 2016 – you heading along?

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