I’ve been really getting into the underground Romanian minimal sound, which I discovered during a visit to the country’s capital roughly a year or so.

Bucharest’s underground scene is no doubt the envy of many Western European cities, and despite some recent tragic events, is doing its best to become safer whilst remaining as solid and uncompromising as ever.

With producers like Rhadoo, Raresh, Herodot and Ada Kaleh high on my list, I’ve been collecting tracks inspired by the distinctive minimal sound, not necessarily exclusively from Romanian artists, but others whose sound fits.

So on Sunday morning I selected a few and put them together for what can presumably be titled a “resident” guest mix. That won’t win prizes for the slickest title ever, but it does kick the UKB Guest Mix podcast back into action.

I hope you enjoy it!


1. Tres – Jessica Diaz
2. Little Antennas – Lilith (NL), P. Jones
3. Moro – Nepemora, Mariano A.S.
4. Haze (Jessica Diaz remix) – Chad Andrew, Jessica Diaz
5. Everybody Needs a Hobby – Martin Dacar
6. Smoking – Martin Dacar
7. Buhos (Chad Andrews remix) – Jessica Diaz, Chad Andrews
8. Drinking – Martin Dacar
9. Senderos RMS – Jessica Diaz


      1. oh no! I just like music, any kind of music 🙂 that’s all 🙂

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