Karl Addison painted the Le M.U.R wall this week, the “M.U.R.” bit standing for Association Modulable, Urbain, Réactif.  The wall and space generally is part of a highly successful local art project whose sole aim is to promote contemporary urban art in Paris’ Oberkampf district.

Karl’s work as part of JBAK, the successful long term collaboration between himself and James Bullough (I’m a big fan and have written about them a fair bit…), brought him to my attention a couple of years ago. I’ve always closely followed his work, and even went to check out his cool gallery and shop, idrawalot, in Neukolln a few years ago too.

A great space, but sadly no longer with us.

So having not caught much of his public work for a while, I was really pleased to see that he’d been asked to contribute to the popular Parisian wall (think Village Underground but Parisian). Good to see him doing well for himself!

This one represents a good friend of his, blending in typical autumnal colours and his distinctive line marks that define his brand of urban art. Check out the photos, courtesy of the artist, and the video from Le M.U.R. at the foot of the blog.

What do you reckon? Give us your thoughts as always!






  1. Wow. how long did it take him to reach the finished product? Also love the music – where can I find the song?

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