This young producer’s work has been finding its way into my collection more and more, so I was delighted to have F.eht accept my invite to record the latest UKB podcast.

His tracks are fast becoming one of the main ingredients of my own mixes, and with another Beatport Top 10 minimal release alongside u z z v, there’s no reason for that to change any time soon.

For such a young talent F.eht has a significant back catalogue with over 50 releases to date, featuring not only on his successful label, Samani, but across minimal and deep tech mainstays such as Reduced, Kanja and London’s Act Natural Records. His prolific production career, regular DJ spots combined with managing his own label all begs the question.

Where does he find the time?


F.eht’s prodigious talent as a DJ, producer and label manager has earned him great respect within a scene that thrives on its authenticity. Regular invites to play out in his native Germany, as well as Russia, UK, Switzerland and France are now being supplemented with upcoming dates deep into Romania’s formidable minimal scene.

Unsurprisingly the king of minimal techno Ricard Villalobos features as one of his enduring influences, but other less likely inspirations come from Bluestaeb (a hip hop producer and beatmaker from Berlin) and American blues and soul singer Syl Johnson. Maybe these go some way to explaining the depth and creativity behind his varied releases.

With that, let F.eht guide you with this hour of fire for the first UKB podcast of 2017!



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