I’m finding myself more and more by the legal graffiti boards on Edinburgh’s New Street. Getting to see the turnover of work from local artists, and others that drop by Edinburgh is really cool. There are some very talented artists and writers working down there regularly, but passing by more often I’ve been able to keep tabs on who has been there, what they’ve done and when it went up.

This week I passed by and caught a glimpse of a new piece from “Besy” – my ability to read wildstyle has improved, but I still find it tough to pick out the individual letters – although the addition of that name in white below was a fairly big clue.

Apologies to the artist if it I made a mess of that. Regardless, I figured they might have been from elsewhere, as they name checked Edinburgh at the bottom right. Don’t imagine that’s the practice of local writers, but could be wrong there. UKB detective agency in full effect…

Anyway the great colours, tight lines and nice little touches here and there made this one stand out on New Street. What do you think? Let me know in the comments, as always!





Edinburgh local? Or in town and want to pay a visit?

New Street is super easy to find, particularly if you’ve come by train. Use my map below to find your way there, max 10 minute walk from the east end of Princes Street, and only 5 minutes from Waverley Station. So really, there’s no excuse.




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