Bologna local and passionate about vinyl, Pangea shows us some of the records firmly lodged in his record bag.

Not to be confused with his UK-based namesake and Hessle Audio boss (give or take an ‘a’) Pangea hails from Emilia-Romagna’s historic capital.

Inspired by his father’s DJ talent, playing the best clubs of Bologna, Pangea has been Djing since the age of 17, collecting and playing vinyl while finessing his talent on the decks and ear for set-defining tracks.

This mix takes you to the centre of his own distinctive production sound with a two hour dark, minimal tech-house set, reminiscent of the current Romanian sound. The set mirrors his releases on Ukraine’s Whoyostro and Germany’s Dub.sphere, worth having a listen to.

His music can also be found on 2owls Records, Tempura and Vibe Experience – reinforcing that his talent on the decks and in the studio are more than a match for each other.   

As always, hope you enjoy this latest UKB guest mix podcast with Pangea (Italy) – comments on the mix always welcome, you know where to leave ‘em.


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