Bye-bye, Banksy. Jog on, JR. On yer way, Obey.

Today’s street art buzz in Edinburgh comes from the mysterious Grantsy – and next to nothing is known about the artist.

Early on St Valentine’s Day the 2-piece sculpture appeared at the foot of the Wallace Monument, on Edinburgh’s Princes Street. Little is known about who placed it there exactly, but the statue is thought to be a love letter of sorts.

Clear references to Banksy’s “Girl with the red balloon” with this one – with the heart shaped balloon instead swapped for a ball-shaped bomb with a black heart cut out. While Banksy’s piece was all about hope – with the phrase “there is always hope” – I don’t think that this piece necessarily has the same meaning.

The bomb shape with the heart inside is like a contradiction – heart representing love, the bomb representing danger or hate. The chain attached to the ball shaped bomb might suggest “ball and chain” a sort of colloquial UK term for a wife or partner. It’s also floating away just out of reach.

The name of the piece is “Mine Girl”…plenty to ponder.

What do you think the piece means? And do you have any inclination as to who the artist Grantsy is?

Grantsy revealed

Okay, well maybe not entirely, but the story behind the piece was uncovered by a journalist at Edinburgh’s Evening News.

“Mrs Grantsy” revealed that the sculpture was a grand romantic gesture that only serves to put half of Edinburgh under extreme pressure for Valentine’s Day 2018.

So yeah, thanks a lot Grantsy.


The red heart looped with a black chain was given to Mrs Grantsy in a wooden heart-shaped box inscribed with “Mine Heart” tying back to the title of the piece, “Mine Girl”. I had a suspicion there was a more sinister side to the piece but clearly I was very much mistaken.

The couple aren’t interested in retrieving the piece, but do hope to see it surface again elsewhere. I guess it has sort of lost some of its charm in that it was a bit of an unsolved mystery, but would be cool to see it exhibited somewhere for those who didn’t get to catch it in person. We’ll see what the city’s council make of that…

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Comments below, or on the usual social places…



  1. We have the ‘Mine Heart’ safe and sound here in the City Chambers and it would be great if ‘grantsy’ would contact me as there has been a rather nice idea floated which would see the sculpture give a new home as well as benefit parks. Pete McDougall. Development Officer. Parks, Greenspace and Cemeteries. 0131 529 4876

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