I spend quite a bit of time listening to mixes at the moment – commutes give you an hour or two per day where you can justifiably sit and do nothing else but listen to music.

So each month from now on I’ll be sharing some of my favourite mixes with you, as well as continuing my own podcast, the UKB Guest Mix. More on that soon, I’ve got some guests lined up that I think are going to provide some great mixes and that you’ll really enjoy.

But for now, August’s mix of the month.

Swamp Klose

Admittedly I’ve been a little bit fixated on the minimal end of the electronic music scale for the last little while. But although that might be the case, I still listen make sure to a wide range of genre each month.

A label I have a lot of time for is Swamp 81 – headed up by one-time dubstep  (pre EDM/Skrillex dubstep) don Loefah.

The Swamp81 crew reads like an impressive line up at a festival counting the likes of Chunky, Benton, Paleman, Mickey Pearce and of course Loefah on the books.

This mix comes from another weapon in the 81 arsenal – Klose One.

Treading a house and techno line, this 2 hour show aired during the usual Swamp 81 show slot and deserves your time with class selections throughout. Perfect for a commute to get your heart racing, or to get things moving this Friday.

Turn this up.



Image credit: Ashes57

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