Keeping things local with Eyes of Others recording an hour’s worth of tracks for the latest UKB podcast.

The Edinburgh based producer and photographer first caught my attention after appearing on the Hypnotic Groove podcast about a year ago, and I knew I’d need to invite him to record a mix some time.

With a 5 track EP due for release on Edinburgh’s newest label (Paradise Palms) later this month, this mix is a great window into the downtempo/electronic sound that defines his work, and reason to seek out his work when it does eventually drop.

Settle in for this one, perfect Sunday evening vibes.


Douglas Quin – Weddell Seals
Massive Attack – Karmacoma (Napoli Trip remix)
Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front – Level 1
IDJUT BOYS – Another Bird
The Orb  – First (Consider The Lillies)
TOLOUSE LOW TRAX – Second Trip (Serial Experiments Edit)
Immaculate Rivombo  – Mbira Girls
DIE ORANGEN – Oodnadatta Rain
Pussy Mothers – Get From In Front of Me
Baris K – 200 (Asphodells remix)
Chaim – Slower Circle
Suicide – Wild in Blue
Smagghe & Cross – In The Morning (feat Matthew Herbert – original mix)
Jamie Paton – Mad Obsession


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