I’ve had no Sunday doc update for a while but I’m back with a bang, or more specifically the 1UP crew is.

During a recent ‘spray-cation’ to Greece, 1UP embarked on one of their most daring and spectacular films to date, taking on multiple varied pieces simultaneously filmed by drone. Most of this is filmed in one continuous shot.

Titled ‘Graffiti Olympics‘ they traveled to the home of the athletics championships, filming their different graffiti disciplines from trains, to walls, to apartment blocks painted with rollers, or by abseiling down their sides.

Passing the graffiti cans from piece to piece in a sort of relay race towards their finale, all pulled off without interest from the Athenian authorities.

But with all things of this nature, the seeing is believing. Strap in for this one – directed by Selina – showing just why the 1UP Crew are so revered, consistently on top of their game.


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