Edinburgh’s own Pieute have spent the past 6 years adding something different to the Scottish creative scene. Their own dry wit coupled with an eye for good design have brought us some classic designs, with work from US based designer Casey Peckio and stalwart of the UK street art scene, Mr Penfold some of the most memorable.

The latest mini release from Candlemaker Row brings together a retro typeface and illustration from Mr Phomer – and also introduces “Pieute Skateboard Co.” to the range.

A 2018 twist on a classic layout too, with the breast design and full back design screenprinted in a single colour complementing the tee.

Pieute Skateboard Co 1Pieute Skateboard Co 2

The typeface used also features in their other new Pieute t-shirts too, dropping the “Skateboard Co.” for their standard range.

Simplistic design but really nice!

Pieute Standard 1Pieute Standard 2Pieute standard 3

Part of the appeal of Pieute’s designs, apart from the obvious, is their nod to locals. Know your Pieute history and you’ll remember them jumping from their original location on Broughton Street to the old Dofos Pet Shop on London Road, due to issues with their landlord.

Dofo’s helped get them back on their feet with a free space to set up for a few months, with the proviso that they look after one of the resident’s, Koko!

This Instagram post tells that story better than I ever could, another top piece of work with Mr Phomer immortalising Koko on the reverse print.

Dofos PieuteDofos Pieute 2

And finally, probably one of the best bits of work from Pieute lately – their revamped mission statement and production of the RIP Irn Bru shirt, marking the passing of the original, and best, Bru recipe

“We believe every person in Scotland should have access to basic clothing. It is our goal to make this a reality.”

– Pieute

Their RIP Irn Bru design dropped earlier this year, but was also their first (I think) offer where for every shirt bought, they donated one to a clothes bank in Scotland – style and substance.

Pieute RIP BRU


Limited run of 100 for these and still a few left – get one and do a good deed in one go.



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