Straight out of Berlin’s Zug der Liebe podcast, June’s mix of the month comes packed with an hour’s worth of techno grounded selections from Berliner Cotumo.

His artist bio is an unusual one, reading like someone who was dragged into DJing rather than it being led by a burning passion like many would claim. Personally, I like the honesty of this, as opposed to the trite and slightly contrived statements that you can often find on the DJ pages of Resident Advisor.

Cotumo 2

He claims that he “never really wanted to be a DJ and yet he slipped in anyway”. It’s a good job he took the free drinks used to tempt him into the booth, as a decade and a half after beginning his career he now regularly finds himself behind the controls of Berlin’s top clubs.

The podcast is hosted by Zug der Liebe, literally “Train of Love”, a Berlin based charity that exists to protest peacefully but vocally against rising right-wing populism in Berlin and farther afield. They also fund raise and promote tolerance and humanity through their brand of dance music, open air events and annual organised social rave.

Their mix series is a reliable source of quality mixes from a wide variety of DJs from Berlin and elsewhere – Cotumo’s hour is no exception.

For those who like their techno with a more melodic feel, this will press the right buttons, but will appeal to darker techno fans too thanks to it’s grittier spells.

Check it out.


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