BUG with Adam Buxton, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh.

Managed to get a couple of tickets to see the BUG show that Adam Buxton was doing at the Fringe this year. Definitwely worth the money, and aside from the usual Adam and Joe 6 Music highjinks (STEPHEN!!!) and uncanny impersonations of Queen Elizabeth II, he had some amazing videos to show. It really was just like being at your mate’s house, where he/she has an endless list of pretty amazing music videos and hilarious viral nonsense, nonsense, NONSENSE. Will be making my way down to see more of BUG in London.

Pick of the videos from the evening though

Hooray for Earth – “True Loves”

Etienne de Crecy – “No Brain”

and lastly – How to Dance at an Outdoor Drum and Bass Rave. AB introudced this as a group of Turks celebrating having just ‘done a murder’. Gives a more sinister feel to the Volvo estate!


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