Appleton Tower Mural, Edinburgh.

Appleton Tower is definitely one of Edinburgh’s ugliest buildings. A 1960s architectural horror show. Bleak, bland, untidy and an eyesore on the University of Edinburgh’s George Square campus. Standing within an ultimate frisbee’s throw away from some of the oldest and grandest buildings in the city (Teviot House / McEwan Hall) definitely does not help its cause. 

It was due to be considered for listed status at one point (Historic Scotland were surely thinking of another Appleton Tower?!) but thankfully due to strong opposition this idea was never allowed to gain serious momentum.

An idea came to me today – perhaps the blank side of the building facing west towards Tollcross could be used as a giant art space. I’m unsure of what the arrangement is with the building, I have heard that the exterior is due to be renovated soon, but there wasn’t any source behind this. Demolition appears to have been an optimistic student rumour. As a temporary measure, or maybe even permanently, could the space be used for a mural?

An Ash-style piece such as the spaceman in Berlin? Or something like Nick Walker’s spilling red paint could fit this space? Or maybe a massive pixelated face portrait of Sir Edward Appleton to keep it vaguely university related.

Think I’m going to do some asking about…

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