Inside Out Project, Worldwide.

It was only within the last month that we became aware of the Inside Out Project, having noticed a few of these black and white poster portraits popping up across the city, especially the pretty spectacular postings up on McEwan Hall by the Udderbelly Fringe venue.

McEwan Hall - Inside Out Project (photo courtesy of

The Inside Out Project is a large scale art project involving absolutely anyone who wants to get involved that, in their own words, “transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work”.

The photos can be uploaded via their website in black and white, and they will mail you out your poster to paste up in your city.

Aside from the McEwan Hall example there was a great piece off Cockburn Street on the Warriston Steps. Unfortunately it didn’t last long thanks to the council electing to remove it almost immediately.

Warriston Steps - Edinburgh. (Photo courtesy of


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