Late last week we were contacted by street artist Blam (who you may remember from VNA’s short film at 2011’s Streetfest), who has just released his first fanzine.

After some initial setbacks BLAM is delighted that it’s now ready to go. We caught up with him briefly to find out a little more about the publication, and what fans can expect from the investement!

“Basically, it’s a collection of my Black book sketches from the last year and some of my sprayed work as well mixed in. The idea behind it was to make a very limited edition zine to get my work out there and with the black book sketches a chance to show some of the work that people don’t normally get to see.”

Not only are you able to get a unique insight into the processes behind BLAM’s work, there’s a chance to own a unique example of his work with his very limited, and super limited editions.

He goes onto explain, “I created one black Deluxe Version and 4 grey editions as well as 41 red editions. The covers are all individual and the 4 grey are hand finished with the sketches being hand painted inside in various ways. This version is put in along with the red ones as a super limited version that you have the chance to receive instead of a red version. So it’s a bit of a chance to get my hand painted work and with the Black Deluxe one this was heavily hand painted and limited to just the one edition.”

Along with this, he tantalised us with some hints as to what sort of work we can expect from him this year. Unfortunately he couldn’t reveal much, and we suspect that if he did, he may have had to kill us. Probably worth waiting to find out then!

BLAM’s fanzine definitely sounds like it’s easily worth the £6 , with the added bonus that you may end up with a one of a kind copy, being a strong draw for any massive fans out there. Check out some of the photos of the book below, and support BLAM by purchasing from his Etsy store here. UKB


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