First off, happy new year! Been pretty quiet over the last few weeks, but now back with lots of new ideas and looking forward to getting them down and up onto the blog over the next few weeks and months!

So, I’ll start of 2013 with an artist whose work I’ve been admiring over the past few weeks. After coming across Shok-1’s work at the Village Underground late last year around the time of Moniker 2012, I was really keen to find more of his stuff. I think it must have slipped my mind back then, and so it has not been until the last week or so that I finally remembered and got round to it.

Shok-1 has been working in London with Remi Rough, who you’ll remember produced the collab wall at Moniker last year, with some outstanding results.

Really love the x-ray style effect he achieves, really effective along not only with Rough, but also on it’s own, particularly when combined with dark backgrounds. Check out some of his solo and collab work with Rough below.

Love his explanation behind the ‘An Ephemeral Art’ piece and it’s relation to the London 2012 Olympics…

‘An Ephemeral Art’

A mayfly with wings of delicate smoke dissipating on the wind represents the ephemerality of most street-based art. Mayflies only live for a day or less just as many beautiful works of art are casually destroyed, often by children or the authorities.

This work also stands as a tribute to all of the art that was destroyed during preparations for the Olympics. Despite being sanctioned and much loved by the community and fans worldwide, many paintings were eradicated or replaced with corporate advertising.


All imagery courtesy of Shok-1‘s Flickr

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