Recently I commissioned Nick Cocozza (following our ‘Scots on Walls #1’ interview from December 2012) to design a piece of art (specifically a customised banner) for the Urban Kultur Blog Facebook page.

The brief was pretty basic. The piece was to include elements of some of my favourite cities for art/music such as Berlin, Paris, and of course, Edinburgh. As well as this music, photography and street art needed to be incorporated into the piece. After that, it was over to Nick!

Needless to say, what he came up with with only a skeleton of a brief, was in my opinion, pretty impressive.  Check out the finished article below, and let us know what you think!

UKB Facebook Banner

For more from Nick, be sure to ‘like’ his page on Facebook – he’s got some great designs for t-shirts as well as prints for sale regularly.

And if you haven’t already, ‘like’ Urban Kultur Blog too! UKB

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