Have you ever taken a photo, looked at the screen of your camera and asked yourself why it doesn’t look or feel the same as it does in real life when you peer above the view finder?

There’s a talent that good photographers have to capture what makes the moment, or scene, and translate it into a good photograph. Better still, it can make you feel like you are actually there.

Nils Müller, a Köln born graffiti artist/photographer, has an incredible skill to take you on the, more often than not, illegal journey that graffiti artists go on to get where they need to be. So for those without the balls to go headlong down an underground tunnel in search of a train, or scale fences with the risk arrest, these photos are a window into that unseen life.

His book Vandals was released in 2013, but it was images from his first book, Bluetezeit (literally; blooming season) that caught my attention having read a great interview with Nils in the pages of the latest VNA, edition 25. They really nail the prep, atmosphere and tension associated with painting in this way, a brilliant insight.

And all from the comfort of your chair, no risk of electrocution, no angry cops!

Check out a selection from Nils’ website below.










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