Glasgow’s Ander-Traxx label has been releasing its own brand of Detroit and Chicago house inspired electronic music since 2012. Two of those releases have been committed to wax, and a number of others digitally, with more expected in the pipeline by the end of the year by label owner Alex Mcvey.

Ander-teaxx-featThe face behind the label put down an hour’s worth of soulful house selections for the latest UKB guest mix podcast episode- and I was hooked from the off. The perfect start to your week, in my opinion…

Like many other DJs and producers currently releasing electronic music, his first exposure to creating wasn’t in the studio but came while playing bass for a number of bands during his high school years.

Midway through taking a music production college class, his lecturer gave him a cracked version of Reason and from that moment on his own musical trajectory altered.

Mcvey always had plans for a label of his own, but it wasn’t until Carlos Nilmmns wanted to remix one of the tracks he had on SoundCloud that it really started moving.

On the mix, Mcvey’s naturally relaxed attitude to pulling it together feels like it’s transferred into the mix, the hour’s journey of free-flowing and brilliantly blended selections seem effortlessly put together. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Stay tuned for the tracklist.


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