I’m bucking the trend. It’s a month past the start of the new year and those lists of “best [insert topic] of 2015” have dried up. Until now!

The blogging year now runs from the start of February until the end of Januray, to coincide with the UK Blog Award nominations.

So with a another “blogyear” complete, I’m taking a quick look backwards at some of my Urban Kultur highlights of the last 12 months.

February, cezrveza y arte in Barcelona

In a misguided attempt to soak up some winter sun (note to self: Barcelona isn’t the answer in deepest winter) I sipped on cervezas and snapped some shutters in the Catalonian giant.



Read part 2 of my 3 part virtual street art tour in Gracia and El Raval. It’s been one of my most read posts of the year!

March, a UKB Sheik-down

One of the standout UKB Guest Mix podcasts of the year came from Sheik, whose music can be found on the equally impressive District Sound label.

sheik feat

Featuring tracks from the latest Zed Bias LP (if MP3s wore out in the same way cassettes did, my copy would be un-listenable by now) and rapid transitions, I’ve gone back to this mix time and time again, and so have you!

May, crafty fags with Penfold

In London for the UK Blog Awards last year, I made sure I got time to visit the latest exhibition from Mr Penfold. The subject matter? Tabs, butts and dog-ends. The result? SO GOOD.



Representing a new direction for Penfold I was excited to check this one out, my favourite exhibition of the year without doubt. Jimmy C’s “Atomised” a close second…

May, Bangers and Mash (House)

ItaloJohnson, admittedly, hadn’t made much of an impact on me before May. Mainly because their appearance at the Mash House in Edinburgh was the first I’d heard of them. But what an impact they made!

image1 (1)

The trio perform with an unusual back to back to back (b2b2b) setup and on this evidence, I’ll crawl over hot coals to get to see them the next time they’re in town.

You can try to relive the episode I’m calling “Bangers and Mash House” – Couldn’t resist the pun (again) – via their equally impressive Boiler Room set.

May (still), Edinburgh’s Bold Town

A summer graffiti jam hosted by Edinburgh’s go-to arts shop, Spectrum Arts, saw some top class UK based street artists in town, including Toasters and RogueOne.





I nipped down to document the finished pieces that adorned the board by the soon to be revamaped Caltongate area. Tinged with sadness this one. Time is ticking for this space – and it looks like street art like has a limited lifespan at New Street…

December, casting my first pod

Super-excited to have launched my ‘Kulturcast’ podcast, I also created an accompanying video with Fraser Gray whose public artwork has made visits to Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh far more palatable!

Had a blast chatting with him, and checking out his studio in the Edinburgh Pallette complex. Check it all out in my 5 minute video here…



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