It’s been a little while since I’ve recorded a mix of my own.

This one takes a slightly different path to the last couple I’ve recorded, moving away from the minimal sound I’ve been playing a lot recently. This podcast strays into the often overlooked territory of ambient electronica.

I began 2018 by listening to Chris SSG’s mix for RA which inspired me to get out of my own comfort zone (it could even be described as a rut!) and download a bunch of tracks from producers like Sky H1, Yves Tumor, Kyle Lotfy and Kyle Bobby Dunn.

A mixture of work from these producers, and others, coupled with the recent release of Nils Frahm’s new LP All Melody, helped me put together roughly an hour’s worth of ambient electronic music, with a retro and nostalgic feel seeded throughout.

It was a cool experience to record a mix where beatmatching didn’t really come into play (because of the lack of the standard 4:4 pattern), allowing more time to listen to the music. I was aiming to record an hour of good music in an interesting way, so hopefully you enjoy it.

Let me know what you reckon in the comments, as always!



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