Just over a week ago Edinburgh welcomed the latest legal graffiti wall, incidentally also now the longest in the UK, with a monumental jam at Leith Docks. The 330m smooth surface outdoes the current record held by Dundee’s legal wall (190m) by some margin, and promises plenty of exciting outdoor creativity in the near future.

DSC_3934 (2)

Since the loss of the New Street boards to the ongoing Canongate development, new walls and boards have been springing up to fill the obvious gap. The destruction of Meadowbank Stadium led to the first stand in, ably managed by Mainline.

Its success has paved the way for this, the Marine Parade graffiti wall, made possible by the agreement and partnership with Edinburgh’s city council, Leith-based hip hop education organisation The State, local roller rink The Boardwalk, Mainline and Spectrum Arts.

With styles from across the spectrum, the wall represents an alternative outdoor gallery in an area of the city experiencing the same level of change as these walls undoubtedly will over the coming months.

See the best of this first layer of paint below, including some work from familiar faces in the Edinburgh scene.

Disclaimer: I’ve tried my best to attribute the correct work to the right artists – but I’ve always been terrible at reading letters. So, let me know if I got any wrong, and help me fill in the missing artists by commenting below.

Mark Worst

DSC_3928 (2)DSC_3930 (2)DSC_3931 (2)

All Out Design

DSC_3932 (2)DSC_3934 (2)DSC_3935 (2)

TrenchOne (top) Paper

DSC_3936 (2)

Many Styles Crew incl Elph

DSC_3939 (2)DSC_3940 (2)DSC_3942 (2)DSC_3943 (2)DSC_3954 (2)


DSC_3961 (2)

Etza Ink

DSC_3967 (2)DSC_3969 (2)

BSide (top)

DSC_3974 (2)

Skem (right)

DSC_3978 (2)DSC_3980 (2)DSC_3982 (2)

Hoodlum Yob

DSC_3984 (2)



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